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Rock Wool Insulation Board
Rock Wool Insulation Board

Rock Wool Insulation Board

Product ID : IK-RWR005
Product Attributes :

Rock wool insulation board suitable for building wall

Property: Direct factory

Thickness: 30mm-150mm

Dimension: 1.2m*0.6m normal

Density: 60-200kg/m3

Product Description

ISOKING rock wool insulation board grade of combustibility is Non-combustible GradeA, because it slows the spread of flames and reduces heat transmission, rockwool's fire resistance aids in the protection of buildings during a fire. Rock wool insulation melts in high temperatures and creates a barrier that keeps the fire from spreading quickly. Furthermore, the building's fire safety is further improved by the fact that rockwool creates less smoke and harmful gasses and does not add to the fire load. In general, rockwool's ability to withstand fire is essential for protecting buildings and their occupants when there is a fire.

ISOKING rock wool insulation board have exported since 2009, more than 50000 buildings insulated with our ISOKING rock wool insualtion board. We are proud of serving so many family, to make your home energy conservation.

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