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Rock Wool Blanket

ISOKIN rock wool thermal insulation rolls, also known as mineral wool blankets or rock wool rolls. These versatile insulation products are designed to provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, making them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.


Our rock wool insulation rolls are commonly used in industrial settings for thermal insulation purposes. With their high density and resilient fibers, these mineral wool blankets offer superior thermal performance and energy efficiency, making them perfect for insulating industrial equipment, pipelines, and machinery.


What sets our rock wool rolls apart is their ability to be customized with different facings, such as wire mesh and aluminum foil. Rock wool rolls with wire mesh facings are particularly well-suited for industrial applications where mechanical strength and durability are required. They provide additional support and protection against impact damage, making them ideal for insulating industrial equipment and machinery in harsh environments.


Additionally, rock wool rolls with aluminum foil facings offer enhanced moisture resistance and thermal reflectivity, making them suitable for use in industrial settings where moisture ingress and heat transfer are concerns.


Whether you need thermal insulation for your industrial equipment, pipelines, or machinery, our rock wool rolls with various facings provide reliable and effective insulation solutions for all your industrial needs. Explore our range of rock wool products today to find the perfect insulation solution for your industrial project.