The development history of our company can be traced back to 1981, when the founder entered the insulation building material glass wool industry as a technician. After years of accumulation and sedimentation, the founder purchased the first glass wool production line in 1995, officially starting the entrepreneurial journey.

In 1999, the company took an important step by cooperating with customers for the first time to produce CE certificates and officially supplying to foreign customers. In the same year, the production line expanded to four, demonstrating a vigorous development momentum.

Over time, in 2009, the company established IKING GROUP and began exporting independently, further expanding the market. In 2013, the Tianjin Ministry of Foreign Trade was established, providing stronger support for the company's international development.

In 2015, the company successfully registered its international brand ISOKING, marking a further increase in its influence in the international market.

In 2017, the factory increased its rock wool production line established rock wool factory to better meet the diverse needs of customers. To this day, we have 13 glass wool production lines and 8 rock wool production lines.

Our products are not only popular in China, but also exported to more than 130 countries worldwide. This is due to the excellent quality and affordable price of our products, which have won widespread praise worldwide. The company has been constantly innovating and developing along the way, always adhering to customer needs as the guide, providing customers with higher quality products and services, and writing a brilliant chapter that belongs to us.

"We consistently operate with the management principle of "to win with quality and to be honest with reliable service". Additionally, we adhere to the "product creation, management creation, and service creation" management strategy. according to the company's "to put persons on the top, to deal with people honestly" tenet.

We are a well-known producer, supplier, and maker of rock wool insulation. We are dedicated to enhancing contemporary living and creating a sustainable future, having over 29 years of invention under our belt.

Our goal is to empower communities by harnessing the inherent power of stone to solve today's problems. One of the most plentiful natural resources on Earth is used to make rock wool insulation, which has superior thermal and acoustic qualities. While preserving resources, it raises building standards, reduces emissions, and enhances infrastructure.

One of our main products is stiff insulation made of rock wool. It provides outstanding fire resistance, longevity, and insulating performance. In a variety of applications, we help to reduce noise, save water, and use less energy by utilizing rock wool material.

As suppliers of rock wool roof insulation, we are dedicated to promoting the health, safety, and happiness of our customers. We follow a circular economy strategy that emphasizes sustainability and resource efficiency1.

We have made up our minds. Without using up too many resources, we aim to improve society, encourage local jobs, and help achieve climate goals.

In conclusion, we use the inherent strength of stone to enhance modern living as a reputable rockwool insulation provider and firm. Our extensive product line, which includes rigid rock wool insulation, offers dependable solutions that support sustainability, safety, and energy efficiency.