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  • Advantages & Challenges of Mineral Wool Blanket

    Advantages & Challenges of Mineral Wool Blanket

    2023-04-19 [ Branding ]

    Definition of Mineral Wool Blanket: Mineral wool blanket is a type of mineral fiber blanket insulation material made from natural or synthetic minerals such as rock wool or glass wool. It is commonly used in construction and industrial appl......


  • Rock Wool Uses & Benefits

    Rock Wool Uses & Benefits

    2023-02-20 [ Consulting ]

    Introduction: What is Rock Wool and How is it Used? Rock wool, also known as rockwool, is a type of insulation material made from natural volcanic rocks and minerals. It is used in various applications such as insulation for homes, soundpro......


  • What is insulation R-value?

    What is insulation R-value?

    2022-05-10 [ Consulting ]

    What is insulation R-value? In the context of home insulation, the thermal RESISTANCE rating, also known as the R-value is a measure of the insulation batts resistance to heat flow. The greater the R-value, the greater the resistance to hea......


  • Why choose rock wool insulation?

    Why choose rock wool insulation?

    2022-02-11 [ Consulting ]

    Rock wool board has excellent heat insulation performance. Compared with expanded polystyrene, it also has good fire prevention function and is very suitable for the insulation of construction and industrial equipment, pipelines, containers......


  • Construction safety tips

    Construction safety tips

    2022-02-10 [ Consulting ]

    Construction Notes: 1. Keep air circulation in the workplace; 2. Wear a disposable mask while working under non-ventilated situation; 3. Wear goggles while working high above the ground; 4. Garbage disposal should be handled in accordance w......