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Our products are selling well in Asia, South America,Middle East, Australia and Africa, included Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, UAE, Chile, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippine and Vietnam including more than 100 countries. Here share with you some picutures of our ISOKING rock wool in project, accesories to do rock wool installing work, SS band and wingseal, SS toggle latch, SS clip, Self tapping screw, SS wire coil, Mastic weather proof sealer, Rivet, we can offer together.

ISOKING rockwool insulation, the A1 non-combustible insulation and rock mineral wool insulation, is widely used in various engineering applications. These high-quality insulation materials provide exceptional thermal and acoustic performance, making them a preferred choice for many construction projects.It offers reliable protection against the spread of flames, providing enhanced safety in buildings. This makes it an ideal choice for applications where fire safety is a top priority.


Rock mineral wool insulation, another product offered by ISOKING, is known for its superior thermal insulation capabilities. It effectively reduces heat transfer, helping to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures while reducing energy consumption. Its excellent sound-absorbing properties also contribute to creating quieter and more comfortable living and working environments.


ISOKING's rockwool insulation materials are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. They are commonly used for insulating roofs, walls, and floors in both residential and commercial buildings. Additionally, they find application in industrial settings, providing thermal and acoustic insulation for pipes, ducts, and equipment.


With ISOKING rockwool insulation, construction projects can benefit from improved energy efficiency, enhanced fire safety, and superior sound insulation. These materials are trusted by professionals in the industry for their reliability, durability, and compliance with strict safety standards.