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Insulation Pin for Rock Wool
Insulation Pin for Rock Wool

Insulation Pin for Rock Wool

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Product Description

An all metal fire resistant anchor that is both fast and easy to install.
Suitable for fixing all types of insulation to concrete, brick, stone or block base material.Insulation fastening solutions for

concrete and masonry, suitable for insulation materials such as mineral wool, EPS, XPS and fibreglass.


Insulation Pins With Perforated Base Plate Parameter
Insulation Pins With Perforated Base Plate
Baseplate: Tinned iron sheet, Low Carbon Steel
Pin: Aluminum or iron

Fixing pin with perforated base plate and safety clip

Square Base

Safety Clip

Usage--Insulation Pins With Perforated Base Plate

Insulation Pins With Perforated Base Plate is suitable for air tube insulation, glass curtain wall insulation, steel structure
and other thermal insulation construction is not high temperature, the adhesive method can be used for thermal nail
special fast dry glue or can be used for advanced foam adhesive

Application--Insulation Pins With Perforated Base Plate

* Operation Temperatures: 15 to 25 ℃
* Working Surface should be clean and dry, free of dust, grease, oil and any other loose matter.
* Insulation can be impaled immediately and firmly locked with fastening washer.
* The Maximum strength of adhesive is achieved after 24 hours

Display--Insulation Pins With Perforated Base Plate

1)Making installation more easier and more convenient, saving time and labor cost.

2)All size and shape products will be made according to customers' drawings.

3)Durable material,anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

Method of application--Insulation Pins With Perforated Base Plate

During construction, The bottom plate is glued to the surface of the air tube, and then the rock cotton plate is fixed after

the glue is cured. The top is stuck with a self locking washer to the rock cotton plane, press according to the thickness

of the rock cotton plate, and then bend the aluminum nail hook.

40 (L) * 40 (W) * 50 (D)
Package Weight
Packaging Details
1)General Package:Packing in bubble bags or plastic bags first, then in cartons,and finally in crates or pallet.
2)As customer's request.
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