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Rock Wool Pipe with Aluminum Foil
Rock Wool Pipe with Aluminum Foil Rock Wool Pipe with Aluminum Foil

Rock Wool Pipe with Aluminum Foil

Product ID : IK-RWP112
Product Attributes :

ISOKING® Rock Wool Pipe Sections with Aluminum Foil are made from non-combustible, inorganic rock fibers and are suitable for the insulation of small and large diameter heating and ventilation pipes and widely for Industry.

Product Description

ISOKING® Rock Wool Pipe Section Overview:

Rock wool pipe is a type of insulation material used to insulate pipes in buildings and industrial facilities. It is made from natural rock and minerals, which are melted and spun into fibers. These fibers are then compressed and bonded together to form a dense, durable material that is resistant to fire, moisture, and pests.

Overall, rock wool pipe insulation is a highly effective and versatile solution for insulating pipes in a wide range of applications. Its unique combination of thermal, fire, moisture, and sound insulation properties makes it an ideal choice for many different types of buildings and industrial facilities.


- Excellent thermal performance, helping to reduce energy consumption and costs

- Fire resistance, providing added safety and protection

- Moisture resistance, preventing damage to pipes and other equipment

- Noise reduction, improving comfort levels in buildings

- Durability, ensuring long-lasting performance and low maintenance requirements.


Rock wool pipe insulation is typically used in applications where high temperatures or extreme conditions are present, such as in power plants, refineries, and chemical processing facilities. It is also used in buildings to insulate heating and cooling pipes, as well as plumbing and ventilation systems.

Boiler, Heating processing equipment, oven
Power equipment, flue, chimney
Chemical, petrochemical, refining equipment 
Storage tank
Small and medium diameter pipeline 
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