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Rock Wool Pipes Plain
Rock Wool Pipes Plain Rock Wool Pipes Plain Rock Wool Pipes Plain Rock Wool Pipes Plain

Rock Wool Pipes Plain

Product Attributes :

ISOKING® Rock Wool Pipe Sections are made from non-combustible, inorganic rock fibers and are suitable for the insulation of small and large diameter heating and ventilation pipes and widely for Industry.

Product Description

ISOKING®Rock Wool Pipe Section Overview:

ISOKING® Rock wool pipe is produced from non-combustible mineral fibers. It is strong and rigid and suitable 

for application on process and piping works operating of maximum temperature +700°C. Each section of Rock Wool Pipe can be split at one side and hinged at the other side far easy installation.


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Technical Parameters:


We can make special production according to your requirement.

ISOKING® Rock Wool Pipe Section Advantages:

Low dust 

Non combustible 

Chemically inert 

Cost effective 

Low water vapor absorption 

Excellent thermal performance

ISOKING® Rock Wool Pipe Section Packing:

The board packed in White and yellow color PE bags 

Carton packing

We can make OEM packages for you

ISOKING® Rock Wool Pipe Section Application:

Rock wool pipe is designed for both hot and cold piping to conserve energy, maintain process temperatures, 

provide personnel protection, prevent condensation, and to reduce noise emission of the pipelines.

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